Child trafficking is a $9.8 billion industry that forces over 800,000 victims worldwide into prostitution each year.
The Save a Child campaign supports international projects whose objective is to eliminate child trafficking and to alleviate the suffering of it's victims.
The Save a Child campaign is operated by the Fr Ray Sponsor a Child Foundation.

Trafficking in children is happening throughout the world. The number of unfortunate victims is growing every year. It occurs on our streets and in our neighborhoods.
Homeless kids are often targeted by malicious, opportunistic traffickers.
Alone,scared and hungry — or abused or neglected — these kids are especially vulnerable.

In fact, 1 in 3 kids will be approached by a human trafficker within 48 hours of being on the streets.

Through our various partners who actually run the projects, we get these kids off the streets and give them the necessities — food, clothing, a place to sleep — and the counseling and support they so desperately need to help them rebuild the lives their traffickers stole.

Take a stand against sex trafficking today. Your donation will help free children from the slavery of the sex industry.

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