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Hi! My name is Peter, from Hungary . I feel lucky I spent more than a half a year here working with the babies, teaching disabled children and the orphans. I was a little bit scared when I came, thinking will I be good enough for this job because I never worked before as a volunteer. I hope I did what I could and the guys were happy with me and with my work.

Peter - Hungary
Not many East European people here, I am the first Hungarian to work here, so I am really thankful to everyone who gave me the chance come here.

It was a great experience living with other young people from all over the world for a half year. Many of them were really good fun and I enjoyed every minute with them…

Peter - Hungary
For me the job was also the way to know myself better and find the way how to work with Thai people and children.

Peter - Hungary
I can recommend this job to everybody because it gave me heaps of new experiences, hopefully I can come back to the Orphanage to visit my babies, I miss them already even I write this while I am still here…

Peter – Hungary

Volunteered from October 2006 – April 2007

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