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Volunteering at the Fr. Ray Foundation

When I’m looking back on my last 7 months as a volunteer here at the Fr. Ray Foundation I definitely had the best time of my life sharing my time with all these amazing people. I couldn’t have made any better decision to do my gap year after high school than here in Pattaya. Just coming out of school as a student I really enjoyed teaching at the Vocational School for the Disabled. These students are most willing to learn and they appreciate the work of the volunteers so much. It was not only teaching them English but spending a lot of time after school talking to them, getting to know their stories and having lots and lots of fun. Actually they taught me how little it needs to be happy and enjoy life.Sebastian - Volunteer from Germany

I was always looking forward taking Auntie, one of the residents of the old folk’s home, out for a walk and having a nice chat with her – or being invited to Maria’s tea parties, who I call my Thai grandmother now.

I got very good friends with some of the street kids from the Drop in Center and I even call one of them my brother.

Sebastian - Volunteer from GermanyIt’s been a completely new experience to play with and teach the kids at the School for the Blind because communication mostly happens through physical contact.
What also is a big advantage of this place to volunteer is the volunteer family of about 12 volunteers from all over the world right now. Always having somebody to talk to about your problems, experiences, spend your free time with and just enjoy family life.

Take this unique chance and you will see that it’s going to change your whole life.

As many others I got addicted to this place and I hope to come back to this place as soon as possible. Thanks for everybody who made this an unforgettable stay for me.


Sebastian (20), Germany

Volunteer from August 2008 – April 2009

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