What stands out for me is that not many organizations have the variety of projects the Father Ray Foundation has. This variety is wonderful because it means so many different groups of disadvantaged and marginalized people are being helped. Also, from a volunteer perspective it is very stimulating and rewarding.

Luca - Volunteer from Australia
One of my brightest students at the Fr. Ray Vocational School for the Disabled lost his leg, and his best friend, in a motorcycle accident at age 17. Another of my teenage students was left partially paralysed by two stray bullets in a gun fight. When I see how courageously they live with their tragedies, and I think about how limited their prospects might have been in a society which often marginalizes the disabled, I feel so grateful that I have been able to help improve their life situations by teaching them English.

Luca - Volunteer from Australia
The literally “life saving” role of the Fr. Ray Day Care Center really hit home for me when one of the children tragically drowned in a canal in the slums where he lived. How many more children from these poor areas might die if they weren’t at the Day Care Center 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week?

Luca - Volunteer from Australia
I was fortunate enough to see one young girl first take refuge in the Drop-in Center, then grow in confidence when she transitioned to the Fr. Ray Children’s Home, and finally blossom when she moved into her brand new home with her new family in the Fr. Ray Children’s Village. It felt so good to be part of an organization that can literally give someone a new life full of love, care and promise.
The students and children under the care of the Foundation, together with your co-volunteers, become your family away from home. My experience at the Foundation has undoubtedly been one of the highlights of my life and one I will cherish forever.

Luca from Australia

Volunteered from October 2009 – March 2010

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