It’s difficult to sum up six months of voluntary work at the Fr Ray Foundation, as there is so much to talk about, but here are a few words: I cannot thank the Thai people enough for their kindness, their generosity, their politeness, their kind hearts, and above all the endless smiles that I appreciated so much during my stay.

The 6 months I spent at the Fr Ray Foundation have been the most rewarding 6 months of my life. I had promised myself ever since I can remember that I would never be a teacher but there I was teaching English to classes at the Vocational School for the Disabled! However, the experience of being a teacher has been a wonderful one which I found to be an incredible world of exchanges where I also learned a lot.
In my opinion, these students are in no way disabled, and the Sports Trophies’ room proves it. Also the smiles I got from them when I arrived everyday in the classroom was enough to make me feel great for the rest of the day. Plus we all had loads of fun during the lessons.

Liz Roy - FranceI am still in touch with my students via email and I remember seeing them at the end of term telling me, all with big smiles on their faces, where they were going to work as they had found a job.
Teaching English at the School for the Blind was an amazing experience not only in making me realise the opportunity I had in seeing the world but also meeting the children and teenagers who were so full of potential and they were always happy to spend time with all the volunteers, playing or singing or even doing some English spelling!

Liz Roy - FranceThe children in all the projects of the Foundation: The Day Care, the Drop-In Center, the Children’s Village or the Children Home, are such lovely kids, it was impossible not to be too attached to them, and I certainly hope to see these cute, intelligent, adorable (and hilarious for some little ones) children very soon. I wish them all the luck in the world! I also want to thank the amazing staff at the Foundation for being so lovely and giving me the opportunity to have this amazing experience. I will never forget it and it has taught me so much.

Liz Roy - FranceSpending time at the Old Folks Home was really nice and I thoroughly enjoyed the bingo parties, and not just because I was given sweets by Auntie whom I was helping!
I will definitely come back very soon and I would encourage anybody who is interested to experience voluntary work especially at the Foundation. It’s a great way to help people in need and to get to know yourself better. At the same time it allows you to discover a new country, a new culture, and to enjoy the sunny weather of Thailand!
My only regret, if I could have any there, is not to have been able to meet Fr Ray.

Choc di ka! Pop gan mai!

Liz Roy – France

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