I would consider my experience here at the Father Ray Foundation as one of the most rich and fulfilling experiences I have ever had.

Teaching English, sharing moments with the children at the School for the Blind, helping out in the Fr. Ray Day Care Center, visiting the Drop in Center. These activities were so new to me and were quickly to become a part of my life which were to fill me with contentment in a way I had never before experienced.Pamela Volunteer from France

Teaching English to the disabled students was simply enjoyable, every single moment I shared with them. Some have experienced bad accidents while others are coping daily with poor health and disabilities. However, their positive reactions towards situations, their beautiful smiles and their pleasant manners are just a few of their many assets which makes one immediately fall under their charms.

Going to the Day Care Center is another good reason for feeling so happy. Seeing and feeling their happiness as we play or learn together is something which cannot be explained only experienced.

Visiting the School for the Blind is quite a challenging experience. Learning how to put aside our expectations and our wants in terms of ‘helping’. Simply being there, is not in fact ‘simply being there”. For them speaking, listening to music and at other times playing games with them is giving them the right to exist otherwise, making their existence just that little bit ‘brighter’.

Pamela Volunteer from FranceThe Drop-In Center. I love having the pleasure of visiting these wonderful children. Playing games together, seeing a smile sweep across their faces is just one of the many good reasons to share memorable moments with them. I have had the honor of living this unique opportunity for one full year. It is, and will most probably remain one of the most rewarding years of my life. Thank you to the Father Ray Foundation for offering me this wonderful opportunity. I will never ever forget you all.

Pamela from France

April 2009 – April 2010

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