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You will never know if you do not come here, the people here are so happy, though some of them in the school can not see or can not walk. In the modern society, too many people all over the world do not feel happiness, and do not know why to live or what to do. I am always thinking about these questions.

Hanyang – People’s Republic of ChinaNow I know, I think the most meaningful and important things in our lives we should do are: make yourself happy, and do the things which are meaningful to yourself and society. If you can do the things which make yourself and other people happy, why not do them.

Hanyang – People’s Republic of ChinaIt is a wonderful experience to work as a volunteer in Fr. Ray; I feel it will be our great memories in our whole live. Many volunteers want to come back after they leave. We make many new friends from many countries. If you know more about Fr. Ray you will be eager to come here.

Hanyang – People’s Republic of ChinaI have a very good time at the Fr. Ray Foundation during the past 6 months, and I appreciate I had such a good chance working in Fr. Ray. I hope I can come back to Thailand and Fr. Ray in the future.

Wang Zhaopang – People’s Republic of China

Volunteer 2010

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