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Working at the Father Ray Foundation has been one of the absolute best experiences of my life. I have always known I wanted to do some volunteer work abroad and after I read about the Father Ray Foundation I was certain that it was the perfect place for me. And it really was!

Laura – DenmarkMy main task was to teach English to the oldest children in the Father Ray Day Care Center. In the beginning I was a little bit scared. What do you do with 60 five- and six years old children you do not know and cannot talk to? What do you do when a crying child comes to you and tries to tell you something and you do not understand a word? Everyday came with new challenges but everyday was wonderful.

Laura – Denmark Laura – Denmark

Also the Thai staff and the other volunteers who all became a very big part of the everyday life meant a lot to me. All the volunteers had every single meal together and in spite of the difference in age we were like one big family!

I would really recommend the Father Ray Foundation to everyone who was interested in volunteering abroad. It is just wonderful. I had such a great time and I miss it everyday!

Laura – Denmark

Laura – Denmark

Volunteer 2010

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