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Working at the Father Ray Foundation has been one of the best experiences of my life. During my gap year I knew I wanted to volunteer abroad, and so a friend of mine recommended Father Ray. She had volunteered here before and could speak nothing but praises about her time here. It seemed like the perfect choice, and I was yet to find out that it actually was.

Mandeep Phull – EnglandOn my first day, I spent two hours in the Day Care Centre. It was only as I left that I realised, that I had been having fun while playing with the children even though we couldn’t speak the same language! Over time I got to know the children better, the staff and volunteers became my friends, and this place became home.

Mandeep Phull – EnglandA great thing about working here is that the work you do is varied. I was part of the Day Care Group so every Monday to Friday morning, a few of us volunteers would go and play with the kids, help feed them lunch and get them ready for their midday nap. A couple of times a week, we would also teach English to the older kids in Day Care. Three afternoons a week, we would go to the School for the Blind and help to teach them English, or sing, dance and play games with them, which was so much fun! Occasionally I would assist in playing bingo in the Old Folks home. On Saturday mornings I would teach English to the kids at the Children’s Home, and then either go to the Children’s Village or Drop-In Centre in the afternoon. The Children’s Village was my favourite project because it was just so much fun to play with the kids! Running around after them, pushing them on the swings, playing ball games, or simply just being there was just as much fun for me as it was for the kids.

Mandeep Phull – EnglandI was only supposed to volunteer for six months, but ended up staying on for longer than I’d intended because I loved it so much. I have had an absolutely amazing time here and while it is now my time to leave, I am not saying ‘goodbye’ but rather ‘see you later’ because I know I will come back as soon as I can.

Mandeep Phull – England
Mandeep Phull – England

Mandeep Phull – England

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