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I think that the only negative thing that I can say about my time as a volunteer at the Father Ray Foundation is that it wasn’t long enough. Having just graduated from University I decided that I wanted to take a bit of time out to experience a new culture and give something back to society. I had been recommended the Father Ray Foundation by a friend, so coming to Thailand seemed like the right thing to do. I didn’t know what to expect, coming to a foreign country on my own, but within a matter of days I had settled in and the UK seemed like a distant memory.

Sam – England Sam – England

The work here is really rewarding; I taught English to the kindergarten class in the mornings, and visited the blind students in the afternoons. On Saturdays I would visit the children at the Children’s home to play English games in the morning, and in the afternoon I would visit the drop-in centre. It’s so easy to become attached to the kids despite the language barrier; they are happy and smiling regardless of the terrible backgrounds some of them come from. Playing with the children is so much fun, and I feel in many ways that I have gained more from the experience than the children have from me being here! The social aspect of volunteering is great too; you meet people of all ages and nationalities, and everybody is very friendly and welcoming, I have made some great friends here.

Sam – England Sam – England

To anybody considering taking a gap-year, or getting out of the rat-race, I would highly recommend volunteering at the Father Ray Foundation; you will gain life-experience and memories and you won’t want to leave!

Sam – England

Volunteer 2010

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