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After my graduation from university, I realized that I should do something meaningful and make some contributions to our society before getting my job. Just at this moment, I got the information of “Father Ray Foundation” from one of my friends. I therefore think maybe I can be a volunteer at this organization. Then I sent an E-mail to express my application to Derek, the Volunteer Manager, and was accepted. During these three months’ volunteer time, I have been in love with this place, these people, these children and my colleagues, other volunteers from different countries. I will stay here for another three months, or even longer, not considering one of my important exams in China.

Wang Zhaopang – People’s Republic of ChinaEvery morning I go to the Day Care Center, and have fun with these 2-3 years old kids. Sometimes I teach them simple English. Then I help them eating, and sleeping, which is my favorite time. I feel I am the happiest father in the world who has the ever most lovely, beautiful and cute kids. I love them so much. In the afternoon from Monday to Thursday, most volunteers, including me, go to blind school, where we organize several interesting activities to interact with those youngsters who are incapable in vision. For example, teaching them to play the instruments like guitar, accompanying them to the seaside, considering their most in school time, and bringing characteristic foods from our own countries to them to have a taste.

Wang Zhaopang – People’s Republic of China Wang Zhaopang – People’s Republic of China

Honestly, I am pity for those youngsters because they cannot see this colorful world like normal persons. Later, however, I feel that it is me who has acquired much help than them: Though they are physical disabled, they all have chosen to live with adamant will, rather than giving up themselves. I am inspired by their strong and optimistic spirits. Even they can face those serious problems associated with their whole life, what kind of obstacle can’t I overcome as a normal man?
Every time the volunteers leaves, those optimistic children say: “Thank you, volunteers.”, here, however, I want to say: “Thank you, you sturdy children!”

Wang Zhaopang – People’s Republic of China

Wang Zhaopang – People’s Republic of China

Volunteer 2010

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