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The six months I spent here as a volunteer at the Father Ray Foundation was a wonderful experience. I was taken with the friendliness of the Thai people I got to know here, both the staff at the Foundation and the students at the Vocational School for People with Disabilities. In light of their disabilities, sometimes extreme, the students have such sunny dispositions. The students are a real example of strength and courage. I loved their solidarity with each other and their sense of fun. Teaching English to a class of disabled students was the highlight for me, although at the beginning I was a bit nervous about having to teach.

Morag HallMorag – Scotland

It is a touching experience to be with the children from the Blind School. A couple of young volunteers in our group played guitars so we could really make music with the blind kids, singing and playing percussion instruments. They love music.

Playing with the kids at Children’s Home and Children’s Village on Saturdays was just simply being a kid yourself again! It was great. I especially liked going to the Drop-in Center which is a refuge for kids who have been living on the streets. Usually, there were only a handful of children and young teenagers there when a few of the volunteers came on Saturday afternoons. It is the peaceful moments like sitting under the covered porch playing five-in-a-row at the table with a little 10-year-old boy that I will remember.

Morag – ScotlandThese six months have left a lasting impression on me. I wish all the luck in the world for the disabled students, the blind children and all the kids.

Morag – Scotland

Volunteer 2011

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