Father Children’s Home

It is six thirty in the morning and the first day of a new school year. The children have all eaten breakfast and the girls all look very smart in their crisp white blouses and neatly pleated skirts. Their socks are whiter than white and their shoes are shining. They are all looking forward to meeting old friends and seeing what the new school year has to offer. The boys on the other hand take life at a more leisurely pace. Slowly they emerge from the dining room, some still getting dressed and their teachers are all encouraging them to hurry as the school buses are waiting to leave. But on the first day of the new term they may all be late arriving at school as one young boy can not find his socks. He tells everyone that he has looked everywhere, ‘how can you lose a brand new pair of socks’ his teacher asks, ‘we only gave them to you yesterday’. With a smile on his face and the jeers of his friends ringing in his ears he goes off to look once look, but soon returns barefooted. He is then handed another pair of socks, which in his haste to put on he almost tears a hole in them. At last he is ready and everyone climbs on board the buses. It is six forty-five when the bus actually leaves, but they will still make it on time.