Father Ray Children’s Home

A trip to the large private hospital was going to be a great day out, or so the young boys from the Father Ray Children’s Home thought. As the passed through the doors the children were greeted by the receptionist who accompanied them upstairs to the very plush waiting room. One by one they were called and off they went, following the nurse who measured their weight and height. This was followed by having their temperature taken before the blood pressure cuff was placed on their arm. Most laughed when the cuff inflated and squeezed their arms, many thinking that it was never going to stop. Then it was to the medical room where a sample of blood was to be taken. As the girls sat calmly and showed no signs of distress when the needle was inserted into their arm, the boys pulled all sorts of faces. One young boy showed so many pained looks that the other children all laughed, and when he tried to remain calm the faces he pulled were even funnier. After several hours all the samples, examinations and tests were complete and the children sat down for lunch; as soon as the lunch boxes were opened all the pain was forgotten.