Father Ray Children’s Home

The day started so well when a soccer team traveled from Bangkok to play a match against the boys from the Father Ray Children’s Home. Spectators crowded around the sports court, the referee brought the two teams together, they shook hands and the whistle to start the game was blown. All went well for three minutes, then the heavens opened and the rain fell. The crowd ran for cover and the players were sliding all over the place. With so much water the sports court was too dangerous to play on so they moved over to the grassed soccer pitch. The referee decided that as one team had traveled all the way from Bangkok then the game should continue, in the rain. The game started again, and the rain fell and continued to fall for the next hour and a half. By the time the half time whistle was blown the pitch was flooded, players were soaked through and after hiding under the trees for five minutes play commenced. If the rain was not enough, the first clap of thunder had the young ball boys running for cover and still the referee ordered the teams to play on. At the end of the game the pitch had so much water that the boys had to pour the water out of their soccer boots, and the final score was a draw.