Father Ray Day Care Center

Each school, college and university will select a Thursday in June to celebrate what is known here in Thailand as ‘Wai Kru’. A ‘wai’ is when Thai’s place their two hands together as a mark of respect. ‘Kru’ is the Thai name for teacher, so ‘Wai Kru’ is the day when students pay respect to your teachers.

At the Father Ray Day Care Center the youngsters had gathered a few flowers, grasses and weeds, wrapped them in a piece of paper or banana leaf and brought them to the Center to present their the teachers.
Wai Kru if an ancient tradition ceremony where the children approach the teachers and present their flowers. They crawl on their knees, meaning that their head is lower than that of the teacher and as a mark of respect.
After presenting the flowers the children bow down and perform a very low wai, give a big smile and move on.
Once the official ceremony was over it was time to have some fun, and the first game was musical chairs. The noise was deafening as the children fought to sit on the chairs and the winner was a young boy who was just too quick for the other children.