Father Ray Children’s Home

After lasts weeks successful Chinese cooking class at the Father Ray Children’s Home, the youngsters were very excited when the Chinese volunteers turned up with several bags of food.

On this weeks menu would be steamed egg, a traditional Chinese noodle salad and a sweet lentil drink.

Eggs were mixed with water, poured into small dishes and placed in the steamer. Fifteen minutes later the eggs were ready and presented to the children. Even before anyone had tasted the steamed eggs the children were pouring Soya sauce, fish sauce and sprinkling dried chilies, then they declared that it was delicious.

Once the noodles were mixed with vegetables, Chinese spice was added and then handed to the children. Again they reached for the Soya sauce, fish sauce and chili, totally changing the taste of the dish, making it more Thai.

After one volunteer tasted the sweet lentil drink that was boiling on the stove, it was decided that it was sweet enough. However one little boy was not convinced that it would be sweet enough. He sneaked into the larder, found a bag of white sugar and poured all the contents into the pot. Still not sweet enough, so off he went and found a small bag of brown sugar. He then poured the whole bag into the pot, stirred it and after tasting he decided that it was now sweet enough.