Father Ray Agricultural Farm

Each summer for the past four years, fifteen students from the United International College in China travel to Pattaya to spend three weeks at the Father Ray Foundation.

In previous years the visiting students have spent their days playing with the children, but this year we had them working the land at our agriculture farm.

Each morning after a hearty breakfast they traveled up to the farm to spend several hours ploughing, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting.

Whilst the male students were given the hard work the girls were given the task of collecting all the fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that were ready to be picked and packing them off to the central purchasing department where they would then be sent to all our various projects.

For the students this was the first time many had ever worked the land, growing up in cities they had never gotten their hands dirty, but they have now learned that being a farmer is not easy work.