Father Ray Children’s Home

More than three hundred and fifty university students from around the world descended on Pattaya to attend the ‘Humanitarian Affairs Conference 2011’

After four days of listening to guest speakers and attending seminars the day of the closing ceremony arrived.

A beautiful buffet of delicious food was laid out in the dining room and after lunch was over the children from the Father Ray Children’s Home were invited to be part of the closing ceremony.

On arrival at the newly opened Hilton Hotel the children made their way up to the seventeenth floor. The children were amazed at the view from so high up. They could see their school, their friends’ houses and everything that Pattaya had to offer.

Once all the guests had finished eating the hotel staffs were clearing the buffet when the children were aked if they would like an ice-cream. What child does not like ice-cream? So there was a long line of children all trying to decide which flavour to select.

Apart from the ice-cream table, the dessert table was still yet to be cleared, and the organisers of the conference told the children to help themselves to as much cake as they wanted.

Our children are full of confidence, but they get shy at times if they are out of their comfort zones.

Luckily there were a few confident staff members who within two minutes cleared the whole desert buffet of cakes, mousses and fruit and placed them in front of the children.

For ten minutes there was absolute silence as they children tucked into the expensive and delicious cakes.

With bellies full, and promises that they could not eat another morsel, they made their way back stage to prepare for the show, only to find that McDonalds had sent lunch for everyone; cheeseburger, fries and large cokes were devoured in seconds.

The dance routine and the exhibition of Muay Thai boxing went down well with the crowd, though there were a lot of big bellies.