Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

To end Father Ray Week the students from the Vocational School, along with staff and volunteers, got together on Saturday morning to donate blood.

More than ninety nervous looking students joined a line to fill in the necessary forms, and there was a silence as each student got nearer the nurse who was going to be recording their blood pressure and take a small blood sample.

Father Michael was the first to lie down and have his blood taken, and he was quickly followed by two volunteers. One volunteer from Ireland is a regular donor, but the Chinese young man

All morning until lunch time a steady stream of students passed their forms to the nurse who calmed everyone down before the blood was taken from them and also gave them a drink once it was all over.

A total of 42 liters of blood was collected and we all hope that it one day can be used to save someone’s life.