Pattaya School for the Blind

Although World Sight Day is held on the second Thursday in October, Pattaya celebrated early on the afternoon of Sunday the 9th.

Taking over a large space in front of the Pattaya’s largest department store the blind students took part in a fashion show which saw them taking to the catwalk alongside several Thai supermodels and a former Miss Universe.

After redesigning and accessorizing a Father Ray Foundation t-shirt the models paraded their designs in front of a large crowd whilst accompanied by a blind student who was wearing a regular t-shirt. The large crowd cheered as the models posed for photos, but the biggest cheer was for Khun Aurora, Principal of the School for the Blind, who could teach the professional models a thing or two about posing.

Also taking to the catwalk were representatives from the various Father Ray projects, and accompanying them were local VIP’s and dignitaries.

Following the fashion show there was an auction to find the highest bidder for the models’ t-shirts and each lot was sold for several thousand baht.

Another auction saw a selection of framed photos, all taken by the blind students, raising more money for the Father Ray Foundation, and all visitors had their photo taken by the students.

World Sight Day is a day when we make people aware of those blind and visually impaired people who are living in our community.