Father Ray Foundation

The flooding inBangkokand surrounding areas may no longer be headline news on the international news channels, but as the waters continue to rise so does the number of people forced to evacuate their homes.

Pattaya has been first choice of relocation for many victims of the floods and hotels were seeing room occupancy that is usually seen only in the height of the peak season.

However there are many who cannot afford hotels, who have no relatives to offer them shelter and who are living with a disability and need full time care.

There are over two hundred children and people with disabilities, accompanied by their families, who are now living at the Father Ray Foundation.

At the Vocational School for People with Disabilities half the classrooms have been turned into dormitories, leaving the school short of space when the students arrived back for the beginning of the new school term.

On the advice of City Hall local businesses recently got together to show the flood victims that they are not forgotten.PattayaCookerySchool,KatesiriBeautySchooland theSaiSamMassageSchooljoined many other local companies to provide free haircuts, massages, tae-kwondo exhibition, food, drink and an afternoon of entertainment.

The number of people leaving Bangkok is expected to keep rising as the water continue to travel south, and the Father Ray Foundation will continue to stand by its mission that ‘never turn a needy child away’.