Father Ray Children’s Home

The children living at the Father Ray Children’s Home always look forward to the arrival of the students from Sacred Heart School in South London.

Every two years the school organises a trip, and the students raise the money to pay for flights and accommodation through donations, sponsored walks and selling handicrafts.

The twenty four students, who are accompanied by nine teaching staff, use the money that is left over to purchase much needed equipment for the Father Ray Foundation projects, but the first day is always a fun day.

As soon as the students reach the Home the southLondonboys go for a lesson inThailand’s national sport, Muay Thai boxing. This year one of the teachers decided to join her male students and she impressed everyone with her ability and strength.

A boxing match between one Brit and a local boy, both wearing protective gear, saw the two pugilists punching each other with every bit of strength they had. As much as they both did all they could to win, once the final bell was rung both fighters smiled.

Out on the field the young children were having a great time being thrown up in the air and being taught new acrobatic tricks.

The day ended with two teams using all their strength in the tug-of-war battle. What should have been teams of just ten members ended with almost fifty people on each team.