Father Ray Day Care Center

On Monday the 26th of December all the children and students will gather together for the first ever joint party. The youngsters from the Day Care Center will not be attending the big party as they will be at home with their families.

Therefore a Christmas party was held this morning and the children were so excited they were unable to sit still. The teachers tried as best they could to keep the children calm but the sight of a huge pile of gifts was just too much.

Eventually the party started, and Father Peter soon had all the children singing some well known songs such as ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’.

There was a mad rush when the children were instructed to form an orderly line to receive their Christmas gifts, with the younger and smaller children being trampled on.

Eventually the gifts were handed out and each gift bag contained a selection of cookies, coloured pencils, candy and every child also received a brand new back pack.

Musical chairs was the first game to be played and this was followed by the balloon stamping competition.

Ten boys each had a balloon tied to their ankles and the aim of the game was to try to burst the other balloons and the winner would be the last remaining little boy whose balloon had not been burst.

As the sun was shining the next game was held outside in the garden and was a game which saw the competitors having to eat cake, have water thrown over their faces, searching fro a penny in a plate of flour and blowing up a balloon until it burst.

The children had a wonderful time, and although they may not know the true meaning of Christmas, they do know that it good fun.