Father Ray Children’s Home

After more than a month in Pattaya, forty eight young children and seven workers, all evacuees from the floods inBangkok, said farewell to the children and staff at the Father Ray Children’s Home and made their way home toBangkok.

The water may have receded but they will have a lot of hard work to do before their home is once again clean.

The children have loved their time in Pattaya, some even asked if they could move in permanently, but one and all returned to the capital. They have enjoyed the fresh air, making new friends, learning to take care of animals and eating meals prepared by a master cook.

Schools in Bangkokopen on the 6th December, more than a month after schools throughout the Kingdom. But there is no point in opening a school if there is a meter of water in each classroom.

The children will return to Pattaya in the school holidays in April and spend time reuniting with their new friends and enjoying the Thai New Year Songkran holidays.