Pattaya School for the Blind

The School for the Blind will be closed on Monday 5th December as the nation celebrates the birthday of His Majesty the King and also Fathers Day.

Therefore a few days before the actual day, the students held a ceremony to pay respects to their king and also to pay respects to their own fathers.

Khun Aurora, Principal of the school, started the ceremony by leading the students and teachers in sing the Kings anthem. Once over the students bowed their heads low and sang a song which saw the children singing to their own fathers.

Several students read out the essays they had written about their own fathers.

One young lady read that she would love the chance to see her fathers face just one time, something that she has never done before. She said that her father loved to drink whisky, smoke cigarettes and he has not been in contact for more than ten years. But she still loved him and hoped that one day he would pay a visit.

All those fathers who were able to attend were invited to receive a flower from their own child. It is a touching moment to watch as the child knelt in front of their father, presented a flower and then bowed low as a mark of respect to their father. Then they all received a big hug.

Many fathers were unable to attend, so mothers, big sisters and grandmothers attended in their place.

One teenage boy was surprised to discover that his grandmother had traveled to Pattaya for the day. She arrived wearing clothes that had seen better days. Her teeth were stained red from eating too much betel nuts and her skin was tough, wrinkled and dark from many years working in the fields. She had taken care of her blind grandson since his birth, and she wanted to be part of the day’s ceremony.

Being a teenage boy her grandson was embarrassed when this elderly lady tried to give him a hug. He hesitated at first, but once he felt her arms around him he threw his arms around this little old lady.

Once the ceremony was over grandmother and grandson traveled home together for a few days break from school, some home cooking and a rest from study.