Father Ray Children’s Home

April is known as one of the hottest months of the year, but this month the weather has been hotter than usual.

Record breaking temperatures have been recorded in many provinces, and the heat has left the water levels low in many rivers and reservoirs.

The residents from the Father Ray Children’s Home are coming to the end of their school holidays and they are complaining non stop about the heat. As a treat for the children before they go back to school, they were woken one morning, told to pack some clothes and toiletries and climb onto one of the buses.

Leaving Pattaya the convoy was soon heading toBangkok, which got the children excited. But the buses continued past the capital until they were in the open countryside ofCentral Thailand.

Eventually they arrived at their destination and spent two days having lots of fun.

They visited a local temple to make merit to the Lord Buddha before making their way to the local river.

Waiting for them was a large pile of life jackets and a row of dinghies; the children were going to be traveling down river, by boat, and they were very excited.

For many this was a new experience for them, many had a worried look on their faces, but when they discovered that the water was not as high or rough as usual everyone had a great time