Father Ray Children’s Village

The Chinese conglomerate TE Connectivity recently visited the Father Ray Children’s Village as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

In Pattaya to attend a business conference, thirty TE Connectivity managers, led by Mr. Tom Whelan, VP Finance Asia Pacific, spent time working alongside the young residents of the Children’s Village.

Strong winds on previous days had resulted in damaged and uprooted trees and bushes. The visitors spent an afternoon clearing the gardens, digging holes, building supports and replanting the trees, all with the help of the children.

CSR is fast becoming an important part of many local, national and international organisations. It makes sense for a company to take a closer look at the community they are working or doing business in. It shows local people that a company wants to be part of that community, is interested in their lives and not just one that employs locals and is after making a quick profit.