Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

The first day of term at the Vocational School for People with Disabilities is not just the first day for the students, but also for the foreign volunteers who come to help our work.

This term our volunteer teachers come from theUS,Denmark,South Africa,Braziland theUnited Kingdom, and they were introduced to the students this morning.

Morning assembly takes place in every kindergarten, school, vocational school, college and university throughout the Kingdom, and it starts with the singing of the national anthem and the raising of the Thai flag. A prayer of thanks is then recited by the students and teachers before any formal announcements are made.

On this day the volunteers introduced themselves to the school, telling everyone what their name was, where they come from and the most important piece of information, informing the students what class they will be teaching.

It will be a long five months until the end of this school term, but one that will be rewarding for both the student and the volunteer.