Father Ray Children’s Home

Before arriving at the Father Ray Children’s Home the majority of children have lived a life of poverty. Many did not have shoes, most nights they went to bed feeling hungry and the main priority for the family is to make enough money to buy food.

Families do not have money to buy toys, and while children living in more affluent countries regularly receive present of toys, arts and crafts, poor children do not.

Each Saturday morning at the Children Home the foreign volunteers arrive to organise activities. There are English classes, Chinese lessons and sports activities, but the most popular class is the arts and crafts.

For two hours each weekend up to thirty youngsters sit quietly and using coloured pencils and crayons they carefully make sure they never go over the lines when completing their pictures.

Older teenagers also arrive and some of the tough older boys like nothing better that sitting down to do some colouring, something that most had never done before.

The children also make jewelry using beads with letters of the alphabet printed on each bead. This is also a good exercise for the children to learn some English as they make their bracelets and necklaces with their own name or the names of their favourite pop group, boyfriend, girlfriend or any other words they want to wear.