Father Ray Children's Village

 Six youngsters from the Father Ray Children’s Village are all celebrating their birthdays this month, three boys and three girls and they were all so excited.

One little girl spent the whole day getting ready for the party. She changed her outfit so many times that she ran out of clothes and had to go and borrow some from her friends.

Unfortunately one of the older boys who was celebrating his birthday was not at the party as he and his four friends were caught fighting so they were given a good talking to and told to stay in the house, thought they all received a large slice of cake.

After a special meal the four large birthday cakes were wheeled out, much to the delight of all the children.

No birthday cake would be complete without lighted candles, but the wind was so strong as soon as one candle was lit, it went out.

Eventually the children sang Happy Birthday and five youngsters rushed to blow out the one remaining lit candle.