Father Ray Children's Home

Within a week of arriving at the Father Ray Children’s Home all new residents pay a visit to a local hospital for a full medical examination. Over the past year it has been reported that many of the children have no immunity against Hepatitis B, a disease that can cause swelling of the liver and in some cases cirrhosis and cancer. Therefore it is essential that the children receive the correct treatment, which includes a course of three injections, something that our children are not too happy about.

Ten youngsters, five boys and five girls, arrived at the local hospital early one morning to give blood which will be retested to give the latest results.

Of course, giving blood is not a pleasant experience and no one wanted to be the first to enter the blood sampling room. They were all looking very nervous, that is until a box of chocolates arrived with the message that there will be no chocolates to anyone who screams, fights with the nurse or cries.

Needless to say there was not a sound, each child entered the room, sat quietly, had their blood taken and came out to be given a handful of chocolate.