Father Ray Children's Home


Results from recent health examinations have shown that many of the residents of the Father Ray Children’s Home had no protection against Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B is a disease that is transmitted by blood and other body fluids and can lead to chronic liver disease.

Thanks to a generous supporter seventy three children are receiving a course of vaccinations that will give them protection.

Fifteen young boys headed down to the local hospital and after making themselves comfortable in the lounge, which had a very large television showing cartoons, they waited for the nursing staff to arrive.

After a short while the doors opened and in came the nurse carrying a tray of injections. The room went silent as the look of fear came over their faces, but each boy knew that they could not show any fear, they could not cry and they could definitely not scream out in pain. If they did everyone at the Home and at school would hear about it.

The nurse called the name of the first boy and as he sat in the chair and rolled up his sleeves the other gathered around to watch.

From the youngest who was eight, to the oldest who was fifteen, when their name was called they sat in the chair and stared at the wide screen television, being as brave as possible.

It was only after everyone had been injected that the boys were told that they will have to return in three weeks time for the second injection of a course of three.

One down two to go.