Father Ray CHildren's Home

It was in 2007 that Khun Supachai became Director of the Father Ray Children’s Home and on Saturday the 24th November he retired and the children gave him a farewell that he will never forget.

The birthday party for those born in November and December took place earlier in the evening and once this was over the children and workers performed a ceremony that brought tears to many of those attending.

When Khun Supachai arrived five years ago the Children’s Home was not a happy place. He had already retired from the civil service but came out of retirement to take over the management of the Children’s Home.

In just a short time he made sure that the children were the number one priority. Those staff members who did not like the changes he planned to make were asked to leave and he replaced them with trained teachers and carers who actually cared for the children.

The number of children absconding from the Home reduced. He encouraged the older residents to enter vocational school, colleges and universities. Corporal punishment was not banned and he encouraged the children to form a resident council whose job it was to take responsibility of each other.

The retirement party saw many former residents of the Home return to pay their respects and say farewell and they brought with them their partners and children.

The younger children sang songs, gifts were presented and Khun Supachai then tied a small piece of white string onto the wrist of every child, teenager, staff member, volunteer and friend who attended, wishing everyone the best of luck for the future.

The children then made a large circle and Khun Supachai walked round collecting flowers from each small group of children. Once he had collected all the flowers he stood in the center of the circle and the children sang one of his favourite songs; the look of shock and happiness on his face showed everyone that they had chosen the right song.

Each group who presented him with flowers then came forward to receive them back and as they approached Khun Supachai they all got down on their knees, placed their hands together to performed a wai and bowing as low as possible to show their respects.

It was an emotional evening and as the evening was coming to an end the children once again approached Khun Supachai who hugged every sing child and gave them some words of advice.

Khun Supachai will be missed by everyone at the Father Ray Children’s Home, but he has promised to visit whenever he is in Pattaya.

When visitors arrive at the Children’s Home they are usually surprised at how happy the children are, how healthy and clean they look and also how polite they are. This is down to one man and his team of dedicated workers, thank you Khun Supachai, you deserve the rest.