Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities

The Vocational School for People with Disabilities here in Pattaya has for many years been seen as the best vocation school in Thailand. Many of the students who apply to enter the school have attended similar schools prior to arriving in Pattaya. However the level of education is usually much lower and they are not always able to find employment. But at the Vocational School in Pattaya companies come to the school looking for employees.

Powerbuy, one of Thailand’s largest electrical retail companies, recently opened two new offices here in Pattaya and every member of staff is a former student at the school.

The call center deals with customers who have complaints, enquiries and who need information while the electronic workshop repairs all faulty goods.

Both the call center and the workshop are located on the Father Ray Foundation complex, so not only does Powerbuy employ our students it also pays rent for the rooms they use.