Father Ray Foundation

For almost forty years AMIGOS Eye Care has traveled the world providing specialist eye care for those who are unable to afford visits to an ophthalmologist.

From countries in Central and South America, Fiji, the islands of the Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe and South East Asia volunteers have provided eye care and eye glasses to almost one hundred thousand people in twenty countries and they have now arrived in Thailand.

Invited by the Father Ray Foundation the nine volunteers, two ophthalmologist and seven students, traveled from the United States and checked the eyes of more than five hundred local elderly people and one hundred children and students.

Most people will experience deterioration of their sight as they reach middle age, but the cost of visiting an eye care specialist and paying for expensive glasses is too costly for many.

For many of Pattaya’s more mature residents the weakening of their eye sight as the years pass by becomes so severe that life becomes one big blur. For many children who do not have access to regular eye testing their school work will suffer or they will suffer from headaches from trying to read a book.

But now the world of the elderly in Pattaya and the children and students of the Father Ray Foundation will be a lot brighter and clearer thanks to AMIGOS Eye Care.