Father Ray Day Care Center


On the morning of December the 24th the youngsters attending the Father Ray Day Care Center celebrated the festive season with a Christmas party.

The celebrations started to the booming sounds of the hit record ‘Gangman Style’ which saw the children dancing around and having a great time. The music got louder and louder and the sounds of the Korean hit record was played every few minutes and every time it was played the children danced with more enthusiasm than previously.

After an hour of dancing there was silence as a tall white man arrived. He had a long white beard and he was wearing a long red suit with bells on his wrists and carrying a large red sack.

It is a very rare occurrence to see so many young children standing in silence and disbelief at what was standing in front of them. A few older children slowly made their way forward and it took one brave little boy to raise his hand and shake hands with Santa Claus.

Then there was almost a riot as all the children came forward, all wanting to touch this strange man. Santa Claus then joined the children in playing musical chairs, though in the season of goodwill he let the children win.

As the morning moved towards lunch time Santa decided it was time to hand out the Christmas gifts. Every child received a beautifully wrapped gift. They all stood in line and as they stood in front of Santa all the children placed their hands together, bowed their heads and said thank you.