Father Ray Foundation

The Pattaya International Bed Race took place on the last Sunday of the month. This annual event, now in its fifth year saw a convoy of decorated beds racing along Beach Road, much to the amusement of the thousands of tourists who lined the streets to watch.

Teams from local organizations, shops, restaurants, bars and hotels entered and hotels entered with two aims, to win and to have fun.

The Father Ray Foundation entered four teams, with the volunteers pushing beds for the Pattaya International Ladies Club and the Seashells Restaurant in London.

Two teams from the Father Ray Children’s Home pushed beds sponsored by King Seafood and Lions Club, both located in Pattaya.

After a parade along Beach Road and around the city the race started with two teams racing against each. They were followed one minute later when another two teams started and this continued until all teams had left the starting point.

The race is only one and a half kilometers in length, but in the heat of the early evening it seems much longer.

All teams who crossed the finish line received a trophy, including the team from Murphy’s Law, a local Irish bar which enters each year and who have finished last each year.

In 2012 the Father Ray volunteers carried off the winner’s trophy, but unfortunately they were not fast enough this year and they watched as the winning team from the local Mercure Hotel was called to the stage when the fastest time was announced.