Father Ray Children's Home

Every evening at five o’clock there is a soccer match at the Father Ray Children’s Home. No matter what day it is, rain or shine, the boys play soccer. However for the past few days the soccer pitch was empty, the games room was locked and no boys could be seen warming up.

Instead everyone was watching a game on the new pool table.

One of the bars here in Pattaya recently donated a pool table and the boys are having a great time. But as with many games in Thailand the rules have been changed. There is no black ball, as having the number eight ball causes arguments if it is hit first or goes down a pocket.

Another rule that has been changed is that if a foul occurs then another ball is added to the table.

But we do not want the boys to become addicted to playing so only during set hours is the poor room open and you have to get up pretty early to put your name down to play. 

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