Father Ray Children's Home

For the second consecutive year the soccer team from the Father Ray Children’s Home lifted the winner’s trophy at this years Shai Davis Soccer Tournament, but it was not as easy as they thought it would be.

The regular teams from the Children’s Home and the Pattaya Orphanage were joined by the teams from the Banglamung Boys Home and, playing in their first ever competition were the boys from the CPDC – Child Protection & Development Center.

Last year the Banglamung Boys Home team came fourth, and last, in the competition but one year on and they have improved so much that they gave everyone a shock when they beat the Orphanage team in the first round.

The team from CPDC did not have many players, and some they did have were very young and a few were too scared to be playing such big boys, but in a few years time they will be more than ready. But even the smaller boys played well and showed their determination and enthusiasm.

The final game was between the Children’s Home and the Banglamung Boys and by half time the Home was losing three goals to one. But by the final whistle it was four goals each and time for penalties.

Not many teams enjoy deciding a game by penalties, but someone had to win the competition and it was a young player from Banglamung who missed a shot and gave the winners trophy to the Children’s Home.

This competition is now in its sixth year and although the boys play in various competitions throughout the year it is the Shai Davis winner’s trophy that they all want to win.

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