Father Ray Day Care Center

It was a perfect ending to a long term at the Father Ray Day Care Center. Not only did the older children receive their end of term reports, there was a farewell ceremony and the youngsters also celebrated the start of Songkran, the Thai New Year.

The morning commenced with the arrival of all the children, many of them accompanied by their parents and following tradition they washed the hands of Father Peter to pay respect and make everything clean to bring in the New Year. As the children poured scented water over Father Peter’s hands he in return sprinkled water over the heads of the children.

The children then gathered together and those leaving to start school next term came forward to receive their school report and have small pieces of white string tied to their wrists to wish them all good luck.

There was dancing, party games, the children all received a new pair of shoes and no party in Thailand would be complete without food, and there was plenty to go around.

However what the children were really waiting for was the signal for the real fun to begin – the water festival.

While the children will follow the traditions and pour water over the hands of their elders, what they really enjoy is being allowed to throw water over each other.

Here in Thailand this goes on for three days, but in Pattaya it lasts a full week and culminates on the 19th April when Pattaya has one big water fight.

On that day all the children of the Foundation will join together, stand on the side of the road, stop the traffic and throw water over everyone who passes by.

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