Father Ray Children's Home

The ‘1st Father Ray Children’s Home Pool Competition’ took place over the weekend and saw a large number of entries from both the male and female residents of all ages.

The early knock-out rounds saw several favourites to win the competition lose their games and the list of finalists was a surprise to most.

On the day of the final games there was much cheering from the onlookers and the finalists were all looking nervous, especially when the envelopes containing the cash prizes were revealed.

The competitors in the 10-11, 12-13 and 14-18 age groups competition sat quietly waiting for their names to be called and each final was competed over three games; the first to win two games would be the winner.

Prizes were awarded to the winners of the final, the losing finalist as well as those who came third and fourth in each age category.

There was a special prize for the best player of the tournament, a brand new waistcoat, which made the winner, a young fourteen year old, look very professional.

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