Father Ray Children's Home

The invitation to take part in a local ‘Aerobics Dance’ competition arrived at the Father Ray Children’s Home less than twenty four hours before the competition was due to start.

But this did not stop two teams getting together and choreographing a few moves. They were very confident about participating, that is until they arrived at the competition site and saw the level of talent of the other teams.

Nerves started to set in and the children went very quiet. As they watched the other troupes performing acrobatic routines our children knew they could not compete, especially as they had only rehearsed a few times.

But once they got on stage and the music started, the crowd started to cheer and smiles came back on their faces.

Both teams did not really have a realistic chance of winning, but they received the loudest cheers.  

So impressed were the organizers that one of the team captains, a young fifteen year old boy, was asked to take part in the free-style routine, not for prizes but just for fun. Once again the crowd were on their feet cheering.

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