Father Ray Children's Home

Members of the Eskilstrup GF gymnastics team arrived in Pattaya last weekend as part of their tour of Thailand.

Eskilstrup is a small town on the Danish island of Falster, due south of the capital Copenhagen, and every second year the thirty six award winning gymnasts travel the world performing and teaching their skills to young children.

In previous years they have visited Kenya, Argentina and Uganda and this year Thailand was their destination. After several performances in Bangkok they made their way to Pattaya and the Father Ray Children’s Home.

It is a rare occasion to see one hundred and fifty children sit in silence all at the same time, but the performances by the visiting gymnasts so overwhelmed the children all they could do was sit and watch in silence.

They performed dance routines, comic skits and their acrobatic and gymnastic abilities were greatly appreciated by the children watching.

Following the one hour show the residents from the Home were invited to take part in a workshop. They were taught a number of moves such as balancing acts and acrobatics and the children had a great time.

It was a wonderful experience for the children of the Children’s Home to welcome the visitors from Denmark. Wee can only hope none of our children will try to copy what they saw, it could mean a busy few days for our nurse.

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