Father Ray Children's Home


Early one afternoon a young boy arrived at the Father Ray Children’s Home to donate some of his old toys, including a large box of LEGO bricks.

Now, many people would have played with LEGO at sometime during their childhood, but for many of the children living at the Father Ray Children’s Home they never had toys. Poor families are too busy earning enough money to buy food and other necessities than spending it on toys.

When the children saw the LEGO they emptied the box, half on the floor and the rest on the tables in the dining room. And then they sat and started to build. They sat for several hours and their imagination ran wild.

A variety of vehicles, building and flying machines were produced and just as it looked like the children had completed construction they added more bricks to transform it into another machine.

Teenagers, who are usually to cool to play with toys, sat with furrowed brows as they concentrated on what they were doing and even one of the teachers got involved and she was having as much fun as the children.

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