Redemptorist Vocational School for People wtih Disabilities 


The annual Academic Games took place recently at the Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities. This yearly event saw teams of students from the Compute Business in English course competing against each other, not for a prize but for the honour of being part of the winning team.  

The Games last all day, and it is during the morning sessions that the students are tested on their grammar, listening, speaking, spelling and writing skills. Three students from each of the four teams fight it out to discover the team whose English language skills are better than their rivals.

The members of Team Generous were the eventual winners, beating Teams Honesty, Diligent and Grateful.

Once the seriousness of the morning ends, the afternoon activities involve the students writing a play and performing it in English.  The students are given ten minutes to perform their presentation, which is usually a cross between a Thai farce, an English pantomime and a Shakespearean tragedy, complete with at least one male member taking on a female role.

While the students may be having a lot of fun, there is also a serious side to this annual event. The students spend two years learning English, many can barely read the English alphabet when they arrive at the school, but upon graduation they need not only to speak English, but also have the confidence to speak in public.