Father Ray Children's Home


A triple reason for a party this weekend up at the Children’s Home, the end of the school holidays, the monthly birthday party and a farewell to our friends from Sacred Heart School in South London.

Sacred Heart School visit Pattaya every two years and spend a great deal of time with our children. Not only do they have a lot of fun and make new friends they also help with any renovation that needs doing, they plant trees and take the children for a day out to a local tourist attraction.

So on their final evening in Pattaya they were given a sending off that they will never forget. The theme of the party was ‘Hawaii’, and while not many arrived wearing traditional Hawaiian costume there was several performances from our young girls wearing grass skirts.

While our girls were showing off their dance skills, our boys got onto the stage and performed several pop songs which got the whole crowd screaming.

As it was also the monthly birthday party all children whose birthday falls in September and October, including those from Sacred Heart, received a gift.

As the evening was coming to an end a slide show was shown which included photos of all the children having fun together, which brought lots of laughter and a few tears.

After several hours of eating, dancing and a lot of fun it was time to say farewell, which is always a sad time as new friends say goodbye to each other. 

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