Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs


The annual Christmas party took place this morning at the Father Ray Center for Children with Special Needs and no one could ever imagine how so many children could make so much noise.

Almost sixty children arrived, many accompanied by their parents, and while they may not understand the true meaning of Christmas each and every one of them had a great time.

Performances included a magic show, which was performed so fast it seemed it was over before it had begun, but the crowd screamed and applauded their delight once the final trick was performed.

All the children received a surprise, and beautifully decorated, gift and this was all before the food arrived.

Not a turkey or Brussels sprout was in sight, though there was a strong smell of fish sauce as the mothers were given the task of preparing traditional som tam salad, complete with blue crab and fermented fish.

After several hours of dancing, eating, singing and more eating it was time to go home, exhausted the children were, but all smiling as they went.

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