Father Ray Children's Home

Like most children, our youngsters at the Father Ray Children’s Home like nothing better than eating. But ask them to eat food that is not Thai and they are always hesitant, unless it is KFC, pizza or a burger.

Arriving at a local Lebanese restaurant they children did not know what to expect, so they were very happy to be served chicken fried rice and fish and chips.

Half way through eating, a large plate with a variety of Lebanese starters arrived, and it took a lot of persuasion to get the children to taste.

But one brave young boy was the first to rip up a piece of pitta bread, dip into the hummus, and as nineteen others watched in silence he popped it into has mouth and after a few chews he smiled, the signal that the food was good and everyone should try it.

Getting the children to pronounce the name of the food was a bit more difficult. They had no problem with hummus and tabouli, but everyone struggled trying to correctly pronounce Babaghanoush. 

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