Father Ray Children's Home

At the Father Ray Children’s Home December the 31st was not only a time to celebrate the coming of the new year, it was also a time to celebrate everyone who had a birthday in November and December.

After converting the bus garage into a disco and setting up the stage outside the children dressed in their most colourful outfits as the theme of the evening was ‘Colourful Night Party’.

All the children and teenagers performed a song or a dance routine on stage, candles were lit on top of several birthday cakes, bingo cards were handed out and there were screams of delight whenever anyone won.

Bowls of the sweetest punch ever made was served and a barbecue made sure no one went hungry.

As the midnight hour drew nearer the children got louder and louder. The resident rock band kept everyone entertained and the disc jockey kept them all on the dance floor.

But all went silent as the children waited for the countdown to start. From ten to one they counted and as the clock hit twelve fireworks were set off, horns were blown, sparklers were lit and the words ‘Sawasdee Bee Mai’ – Happy New Year – were shouted as loud as the children could shout.

A very Happy New Year to all our friends and supporters.  

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